Nickel Alloys, Copper Alloys & Special Steels.
Stock, Cutting & Custom products

CHUN & VOLLERIN is specialised in processing and trading of semifinished products in nickel alloys, duplex and superduplex, copper alloys used in special environments such as high temperatures and high corrosion.

In our warehouse you can find bars, sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, stripes and coils that can be processed according to customer required sizes processing and delivered in short time.


Industrial consultancy and representative agencies

Thanks to constant learning and to well established partnerships, CHUN & VOLLERIN is an important link on the market for greater plants supplies, building sites, petrolchemical, oil and gas, shipbuilding.

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After 135 years, we're still aiming high

The Tour Eiffel was built in 1889. In the same year, as the first pizza margherita was coming out of the oven, CHUN & VOLLERIN was founded. The news might have made the Wall Street Journal, the first copy of which was printed 135 years ago.

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