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Chun & Vollerin represents companies of worldwide primary importance, specialized in the supply of drawing and winding production lines for copper and aluminium wires, welding machines for cables and non-ferrous wires and steel, measuring instruments for the cable and wire industry, copper nickel alloy, bronze aluminium and admirality tubes for heat exchangers, copper nickel fittings and pipes for offshore platforms, shipbuilding and firefighting systems, wolfram and tungsten heavy metals for heavy tools manufacturing industry.



Production lines for copper and aluminium wire drawing

MachinenFabrik Niehoff in Schwabach (D) develops wire drawing lines with the following types of machines:

  • Rod breakdown lines

  • Single and multiwire drawing lines

  • Spoolers

  • Coilers

  • Bunching and Stranding machines

  • NPS Niehoff Packging System

  • Braiding machines

  • Galvanic wire plating lines

  • Inductive annealers

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Butt welding machines for cable, steel wires and non ferrous wires industries

August Strecker in Limburg (D) is a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any type of wire and cable:

  • Stranded wire and cables

  • Steel and copper wires

  • Structural steel

  • Steel chord for tyres

  • Belts and conveyor belts

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Control and measuring gauges for wire and cable industry on line controls

Proton Products Group in Marchtem offers a wide variety of measuring gauges for the wire and cable industry:

  • speed and lenght

  • diameter, capacitance, lump and neck detection, eccentricity, wall thickness and ovalisation

  • temperature measurement

  • spark testing

  • extrusion control

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Production lines for complete cables and wires

Kurre Systems Spezialmaschinenbau Gmbh is specialised in the construction and supply of production lines for wires and cables industries for the following components:

  • Extrusion lines for automotive cables, coaxial cables, datacom, fibre optics, high temperature, low voltage.

  • Slitting systems, cut-to-length, rewinding lines, winders, taping machines, packaging lines.

  • Individual components such as accumulators, braking unwinders, motorised capstans, cooling systems, dancers, dryers, extruders, strip unwinders, winders, taping machines and customised solutions.

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Purchase, revamp and sell of used machines Manufacturing for the wire and cable industries

Bongard machines manages used machines manufacturing for the wire and cable industries:

  • Machines revamping

  • Selling of used machines

  • Purchase of used machines

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Heat exchangers tubes in copper alloys, alluminium bronze and alluminium brass

Wolverine Tube Europe develops solutions for heating and cooling technology:

  • Tubes in copper, brass, brass aluminium, copper nickel, nickel and titanium

  • Availability from stock, cutting to required length on request

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Semifinished products and fittings in copper alloys for shipbuilding, offshore, oil and gas industries

With 8 production sites located in Germany, France, Italy, China and U.S.A., Cunova is one of the biggest world producers for copper and copper alloys products.

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Electrodes and bars in tungsten and molybden alloys

Bayerische Metallwerke Wolfram Industrie in Dachau (D) is one of the most advanced producer of molybdenum and tungsten semifinished products.

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