Warehouse stock and bespoke services

  • New premises with improved logistic
  • More than 4000sqm for operations
  • Fast Track orders available
  • Experienced Technical support to match product with project specifications
  • ISO 9001 and AS 9120B certified
  • Supply of materials & formats on customer specifications
  • Leftover Processing
  • Delivery on customer specifications

Cutting and custom processing

  • Sawband Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Water Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Custom products to drawing detail
  • Certification and Testing on demand

Bespoke packaging


All of the wood packaging materials used by CHUN & VOLLERIN—bases, pallets, crates, cages and saddles—comply with FAO standard ISPM 15.. Compliance with this standard means that the wood must be heat treated with the wood core temperature reaching at least 59.5┬áC for at least 30 minutes. Packaging is then identified with the IPPC/FAO mark of conformity.


What happens if the wood packaging is not compliant?

Each country has different rules. Some countries fumigate packages and charge a premium fee, while others refuse shipments or even incinerate them. That is why compliance of wooden crates is extremely important and requires real expertise.



CHUN & VOLLERIN delivers the entire product directly to its customers, using only trusted and professional express couriers who have worked with us for several years. Our goal is to provide efficient and fast service so that you can deliver your product safely and on time. Orders will be delivered to their destination and unloaded anywhere you wish, within 24-48 hours of the notice of goods ready for despatch.

All shipments we handle directly are insured free of charge, with the full value of the product covered in the event of damage or loss.

Our insured shipments provide senders greater peace of mind, since they can be sure that the value of the parcel’s contents are protected in the event of issues during transport and that the contents will be returned to them.

Customs clearance at an approved in-house place


Exports to non-EU countries have long required a complex customs clearance process, resulting in costs and risks for exporting companies.

Since 2024, CHUN & VOLLERIN has been granted approved place status,; allowing it to perform customs import or export operations “in house”..


Key benefits of being an approved place include:

  • Load preparation and documentation
  • Preparation of the customs export declaration and delivery to the forwarder, with immediately availability of the MRN identifier
  • Immediate departure of the goods
  • The carrier presents the declaration to exit customs office, which automatically certifies the exit visa.
  • Reduced risk of sanctions
  • possibilità di Monitoring by a trusted consultant possible

Fastener and fastening system production


Thanks to our professionalism and experience acquired in fasteners, we can supply both standard UNI-DIN-ISO-ASTM-BS compliant parts, as well as ones manufactured according to our customers’ designs, with coarse and fine, UNC, UNF, Withworth, DIN, ISO, gas, conical and NPT metric threads.


La gamma dimensionale comprende articoli a partire dal diametro 6 mm fino al diametro 100 mm.


For items with specific designs in very small quantities that can be difficult to obtain from other suppliers, CHUN & VOLLERIN can call on specialised partners that use modern next-generation technologies to ensure we area able to respond promptly to our customers' requests, guaranteeing quick and agile supply.